Noms, Not Bombs: Being Sick Could Only Mean: Langer’s

We ran across this blog posting which answers the age-old question about what to eat when one is sick with a great suggestion: Langer’s Deli! Noms not Bombs’ authoress, Mahina L’Ani recently visited the store when she wasn’t feeling too well, and ordered her favorite comfort food:

I don’t know what I used to eat when I was sick before I knew about Jewish food. Now, thanks to J, it’s my go-to at the first sign of a sore throat or the sniffles. The food is so warm, hearty and carb-a-licious that, even if I still feel like crap when I’m done with my meal, at least I’m a little happier. And so, today, it was Langer’s to the rescue!

I ordered my standard “I’m sick and in need of comfort meal”: Matzoh ball soup, potato knishes and kasha varnishkes.

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