LA Times: Norm Langer’s guide to the perfect pastrami sandwich

Norm sits down with LA Times Food Editor Jenn Harris to discuss what makes our pastrami sandwiches so unique in all the world.

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Eater: LA’s 23 Most Iconic Restaurant Dishes, Winter 2018

We are honored to have our legendary #19 included in Eater’s new “LA’s Most Iconic Dishes” list:

There is no more iconic single sandwich in Los Angeles (and no better pastrami sandwich in America) than the #19 at Langer’s. It’s the absolute pinnacle of a Jewish deli staple, complete with mile-high stacks of pastrami, Swiss cheese, and coleslaw on rye.

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Norm Langer and LAPD Chief Michel Moore discuss the Friendly Wager with Boston over Dodgers-Red Sox at Dodger Stadium

Thanks to KTLA Morning News, Frank Buckey, Mark Kriski, and the entire KTLA team for having Norm Langer at Dodger Stadium this morning. We are grateful to have the opportunity to appear with Chief Michel Moore to discuss the Friendly Wager between the Chief and his Boston Commissioner counterpart – Langer’s #19 pastrami sandwiches or Boston Lobster – to the winner of the Dodgers – Red Sox World Series.

Eater: 38 Essential Los Angeles Restaurants, Fall 2018

We are proud and thrilled to have been named once again to Eater’s “38 Essential Los Angeles Restaurants” list for Fall 2018.

Yes, the No. 19 pastrami sandwich is an amazing sandwich, but the pure pastrami on house-based rye is simplicity at its best. There’s a reason why people make pilgrimages to try this place’s pastrami and even corned beef: there is no better version anywhere in town, and perhaps even in the country. Pro tip: Try the No. 54, a blend of both the pastrami and corned beef in one sandwich. And don’t skip the rest of the classic Jewish deli menu — it’s all very well executed in one of the best daytime dining rooms in town.

It’s a tremendous honor and one that we share equally with all our employees and our loyal customers who have made Langer’s possible since June of 1947. Thank you, Eater, and thank you, Los Angeles. – The Langers

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MSN: The 101 Most Iconic Restaurant Dishes in America

Our great thanks to for including Langer’s Delicatessen-Restaurant in their new list, “The 101 Most Iconic Restaurant Dishes in America”:

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Eater: 19 Tourist Trap Restaurants in LA That Are Actually Good

Eater has published a new article entitled “19 Tourist Trap Restaurants in LA That Are Actually Good,” and we’re thrilled that they included Langer’s Delicatessen-Restaurant:

Not only is Langer’s a home for celebrities trying to low-key nosh, it’s also home to what is likely the single best deli pastrami in America. Try some on the chili cheese fries next time for a gut-busting lunch side.

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John and Ken Discuss John’s Visit to the Deli

John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou of AM 640 KFI discuss John’s recent visit to Langer’s Delicatessen-Restaurant.

Eater: California’s 38 Best Restaurants

We are thrilled and honored to be included in Eater’s recent “California’s 38 Best Restaurants” article by Bill Addison.

WHAT: The legendary West Coast-style Jewish deli that rivals America’s best. WHY: There is no denying the allure of Langer’s, the daytime-only Jewish deli in historic Westlake. The family-run restaurant has held down the same corner for more than 70 years, seating hungry locals and tourists by the hundreds in the wood-paneled dining room while waitstaff flit past in white shirts and, for the men, bow ties. Nearly every table gets at least one iconic #19, the house-made pastrami and coleslaw behemoth that is on par with (or better than) anything New York City has ever produced.

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Los Angeles Times: In search of perfect pastrami: Your guide to the Jewish delis of Los Angeles

Jenn Harris of the Los Angeles Times recently published “In search of perfect pastrami: Your guide to the Jewish delis of Los Angeles,” which includes a roundup of delis both small and large, well known and obscure, around the LA area. We are pleased to be included:

In the Los Angeles deli world, Langer’s is king. Tourists from all over the world make the trek to Alvarado and 7th Streets for a pastrami sandwich on double-baked rye bread. And locals deem this place a national treasure.

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