What Chief Bratton Will Miss About LA

Our friends at just published this great mention of Langer’s from an interview with LAPD Chief William Bratton during his segment with Patt Morrison at KPCC:

The departing police chief rates at least one thing about Los Angeles higher than New York.

Los Angeles has better corned beef than New York, LAPD chief William Bratton told Patt Morrison today in their final segment together on KPCC. He’ll try to get Langer’s sandwiches delivered in NYC.

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Thank you, Chief Bratton, for all you’ve done for Los Angeles. We will miss you.

New York Times: David Sax Profile

The New York Times’ Dining and Wine Section writer Joan Nathan did a great profile of author David Sax on the eve of the release of his “Save The Deli” book. The profile features the writer and Sax visiting delis in Newark (home of Langer’s founder Al Langer) and discussing the state of the Jewish deli from his perspective.

And in his book he considers the pairing of “slowly steamed pastrami and hot crusty double-baked rye bread infused with caraway seeds” at Langer’s Delicatessen and Restaurant in Los Angeles a perfect sandwich.

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Langer’s is hosting an exclusive booksigning event with David Sax on October 28thclick here to sign up now for this limited availability event! The event includes lunch, a signed copy of David’s book (plus a chance to meet David), and a $10 Langer’s Gift Certificate for use on a subsequent visit to the restaurant.

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Las Vegas Weekly: Proper Pastrami

Max Jacobsen of the Las Vegas Weekly had a great story up on their website about delicious pastrami:

For me, then, the Holy Grail of American pastrami is at Langer’s in LA, with Katz’s in New York City close behind. Both slow-steam and hand-cut their meat, but I’d give Langer’s the nod because the meat is served on double-baked rye bread from Fred’s Bakery on Robertson Boulevard.

Click here to read the complete article. It’s a great piece – thanks, Max! On Pastrami

We found this wonderful article on pastrami over at, a terrific food blog and culinary resource site. Here’s site author Adam Roberts:

It’s almost taken for granted that the best pastrami anywhere is in Manhattan. Specifically, the Lower East Side at Katz’s….

And yet, several years ago, in a Food Issue of the New Yorker, Nora Ephron shocked the pastrami-eating community by declaring the best pastrami in the world to be the pastrami at Langer’s in Los Angeles.

“Egads!” cried the pastrami-eating community. “Whatever does she mean?”

Nora Ephron was right: this WAS the best pastrami I ever had.

Click over and read Adam’s entire article, and browse around. You’ll be glad you did. Thanks, Adam! We hope to see you soon at Langer’s.

NEWSFLASH: Bonus for all “Save The Deli” Booksigning Attendees

Great News! If you’re attending the upcoming “Save The Deli” David Sax booksigning event here at Langer’s Delicatessen-Restaurant (October 28th, sign up today at Vromans, click here now and sign up before it sells out!), then we have big news!

Every paid event attendee here in the restaurant will be presented with a complimentary $10 Langer’s Gift Certificate to use on a future visit. Just be a paid attendee (and you will be, won’t you?!) here onsite, and we’ll give you the certificate.

So, what are you waiting for? Signups end on October 24, but it’s going to sell out before then, so visit Vroman’s today to sign up for the event. It’s $55 plus sales tax PLUS the free $10 Langer’s Gift Certificate for all paid in attendance on October 28th. See you here!

Vromans: “Save The Deli” Booksigning at Langer’s October 28

Langer’s Delicatessen-Restaurant is proud to host the upcoming exclusive Los Angeles booksigning event for David Sax’s new “Save The Deli” book. The event includes a classic Langer’s pastrami lunch plus a signed copy of David’s book.

This entertaining and authoritative book (released October 1 from publisher Houghton Mifflin Harcourt) features Langer’s and makes the bold assertion that Los Angeles is now America’s premier deli town – and home to the world’s best pastrami – Langer’s!

Space is limited for this exclusive event, so sign up now at Vromans by clicking here. Or, you can call (626) 449-5320 for more information or to sign up. But hurry – you must sign up before October 24 to get your space in this great and exclusive event – featuring author David Sax in person, talking about his book and signing copies for event attendees!

LA Weekly: Langer’s Makes Gold’s 99 Essential LA Restaurants List

Langer’s is proud to announce our inclusion in Jonathan Gold’s “99 Essential LA Restaurants” list for 2009, now appearing here in the current issue of the LA Weekly (pick it up!). Here’s a sampling of Jonathan’s very kind words for our pastrami:

The late Al Langer was among the last of the great deli men, a guy who could talk to you about sandwiches until your ears fell off but more importantly, knew the contours of a pastrami the way a great sushi chef does a side of tuna. In the course of the half-block walk from the Alvarado Blue Line station to his delicatessen, you smell the food from a half-dozen Central American countries, pass within sight of Mexican street murals, and are offered the opportunity to buy a counterfeit green card. Within the deli itself, run by his son Norm, you may wait for a table with customers speaking every language but Yiddish.

Bite into a Langer’s pastrami sandwich: thick slices of hand-sliced beef, glistening with peppery fat, as dense and as smoky as Texas barbecue; thickly cut seeded corn rye, hot, crisp-crusted and soft inside, with a slightly sour tang that helps tame the richness of the meat; a dab of yellow mustard, as important to the whole as a sushi master’s wasabi, and you’ll know the inescapable fact: Langer’s serves the best pastrami sandwich in America.

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More Best Thing I Ever Ate Showings

Here is a list of additional showings of “The Best Thing I Ever Ate Between Bread” featuring the segment on Langer’s:

DirecTV: Saturday August 22 at 1030PM Eastern – Channel 231

DirecTV: Sunday August 23 at 130AM Eastern – Channel 231

Dish Network: Saturday August 22 at 1030PM Eastern – Channel 110

Dish Network: Sunday August 23 at 130AM Eastern – Channel 231

Time Warner Cable: Saturday August 22 at 1030PM – Channel 174

Time Warner Cable: Sunday August 23 at 130AM – Channel 174

Comcast: Saturday August 22 at 1030PM – Channel 029

Comcast: Sunday August 23 at 130AM – Channel 029

The series is 9:30PM every Tuesday. Here’s a link to the Food Network’s show site. Langer’s vs. Katz’s Pastrami Showdown

Matt Mitchell’s new LA-centric portal has an interesting head-on comparison between Katz’s Delicatessen of New York and Langer’s Delicatessen-Restaurant of Los Angeles. It’s an even-handed approach that takes on all elements of the dining experience: location and transit, environment, dining experience, and of course, food quality.

The competition: pastrami sandwiches. Matt had seen Rob Eshman’s report from the Jewish Journal on David Sax’s new book “Save The Deli,” and felt compelled to take on David’s assertion that LA is the new premiere deli town.

The result? We’re pleased to announce that Matt’s final decision was – Langer’s hot pastrami. Thanks, Matt – we’ll see you again soon for another sandwich, we hope!

While it’s a very close race, and Katz’s may win for locale and hours, but I lean towards Langer’s for it’s thin sliced, delectable, melt in your mouth pastrami.

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Encore: Langer’s on The Best Thing I Ever Ate

Make sure you catch the encore presentation of Langer’s Delicatessen-Restaurant on Food Network’s “The Best Thing I Ever Ate” program produced by Authentic Entertainment. We are in the “Between Bread” episode.

The NEXT encore air date for the Langer’s segment is August 15, 2009 at 6:00PM Pacific / Eastern. You can click here to visit the episode page.

The series is 9:30PM every Tuesday. Here’s a link to the Food Network’s show site.

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We’ll be adding much more to our Facebook presence in the coming weeks, so visit us often. And feel free to leave a review, start a discussion, or add your own fan photos to the page. We look forward to interacting with you! Is Los Angeles the Best Jewish Deli Town? poses the very serious question, “Is Los Angeles the Best Jewish Deli Town?” and gets lots of positive response from this potentially catastrophic query. It’s all part of ongoing coverage of David Sax’s new book, “Save The Deli,” which comes out this fall and will be available from Langer’s on our Merchandise page. Here’s a quick quote from the piece:

Sax’s favorite Los Angeles delis include: Nate ‘n Als, Arts, Canters, Brents, Greenblatt’s, Factors, Juniors, and Langers, as points out. So, are you throwing a pickle at the screen in rage? Or do you agree?

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