Pinky Kravitz: His Visit to Langer’s Deli

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Pinky Kravitz of the Press of Atlantic City recently visited Los Angeles to see his family living here, and penned this column about his culinary experiences here – including a visit to Langer’s Deli to enjoy our delicious corned beef. Check it out! Thanks, Pinky! Say hello next time you visit!

My visit to Los Angeles would not be complete without stopping for lunch at Langer’s Restaurant. It has been rated as having the best corned beef sandwich in the U.S. and they deserve that rating. The bread is unusual as the crust is hard and the mixture of corned beef, cole slaw and Russian dressing makes for the tastiest sandwich you can imagine. In Atlantic City, where there were seven or eight delicatessens in its heyday, there is not one deli today.

Click here to read Pinky’s complete column.

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