Six of the best: Classic Los Angeles Dining Experiences

Andrea Black of recently authored a new piece entitled “Six of the best: Classic Los Angeles Dining Experiences,” and she included Langer’s Delicatessen-Restaurant:

For the ultimate Jewish deli experience, some will recommend Greenblatt’s or Canters, but Langer’s Deli in Westlake is the go to place in LA, just ask celebrated food critic, Jonathan Gold who wrote, “The fact is inescapable: Langer’s serves the best pastrami sandwich in America”. The diner-styled interior and facade haven’t changed since they were built in 1947, nor have the owners, a constant in an area that’s been in a state of flux for years. The deli is across from the faded glory of MacArthur Park (yes, the same park Richard Harris sang about) among rundown pawn shops and gang-tagged walls. The much-lauded pastrami sandwich features slow-cooked meat combined with house Russian sauce and the crunch of fresh, crusty, carroway studded ryebread. Taking a slug of my egg-cream soda, I look around at my fellow diners – we’re told Dr Dre was here last week – all lost in the same sandwich induced reverie.