Hand Slicing

David Sax of has an interesting piece up on the merits and traditions behind hand-slicing deli meats.

At Langer’s Delicatessen, in Los Angeles–home to the greatest pastrami sandwich in America–owner Norm Langer took a blackened piece of pastrami out of the steam box, slapped it on the wooden counter, and began methodically slicing, flipping the meat over and around, excising tough connective tissue. “When you cut it on a machine, you won’t cut out this,” Norm said, removing a slimy yellow membrane with a twist of the knife. “This thing is like chewing a racquetball. It has the consistency of a diaphragm. If you cut your meat on a machine, that is going to be in your sandwich.”

Read the complete story here – it’s definitely worth the click

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