Modern Day Bullfight: 2nd Visit to Langer’s

LA-centric blog Modern Day Bullfight (and its author, Allison Orphan) paid a second visit to Langer’s Delicatessen-Restaurant recently, compelled by a sense of Los Angeles food enjoyment and the desire for a #19 and a French dip:

Talks of French Dips and the Number 19 inspired David and I to have another afternoon lunch at Langer’s. Langer’s is really that good. In researching people’s feedback on the home of the number 19, it was found that we were not alone in our worship for the food from the deli downtown. The second trip yielded a near exact order as the previous trip: me, a delicious french dip with a side of slaw and for David, the number 19. Two sodas. The only difference is we went sans fries as they ended up just sitting on the table post sandwich consumption last time.

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