10 Los Angeles Classic Restaurants has assembled a great list of ten LA-area classic restaurants that are family-friendly locations, and they lead off with Langer’s Delicatessen-Restaurant:

The reason Langer’s has made it all these years, is its delicious deli food, which is not easy to come by in Los Angeles. In my honest opinion, I think their Pastrami sandwich is the best I have ever had and I grew up on Deli food. The Pastrami is very tender and their twice baked rye bread is crunchy on the crust and soft as can be on the bread. If you are not a purist (pastrami and deli mustard), they have a fantastic Pastrami sandwich (#19) with Cole Slaw, Swiss cheese and Russian style dressing. Add in a side of Potato Pancakes and a Cream Soda and you are set. Langer’s menu offers up a large variety of traditional Delicatessen fare, so everyone in the family should find something to their liking.

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