Thrillist: Things You Didn’t Know About Dodger Stadium

Garrett Snyder of just published a great new piece entitled “Things You Didn’t Know About Dodger Stadium,” and in it, he includes this piece of total wisdom:

You can eat lunch at Dodger Stadium when there’s no game

On any day there isn’t an afternoon game, go to the stadium’s main gate and tell them you want to visit the team store. Drive up to parking lot P, park, walk right past the store through the open stadium gates, and take a seat in the upper deck overlooking a completely empty Dodger Stadium. Don’t worry, security isn’t going to tackle you. All this is totally legit. Just unwrap the Langer’s pastrami sandwich you brought with you and enjoy the view, with no one there to bother you.

Read the entire article; it’s amazing. Thank you, Garrett, for the mention, and for the amazing photograph! – The Langers