Langer’s Deli Review

Our new friend and prominent food blogger Mallory Carra just published an extensive review of items from our menu. Mallory participated in a recent food shoot by Eric Shin and TN of, a pre-launch food site that we will be telling you more about soon.

In the meantime, enjoy Mallory’s coverage here. For example, here’s her take on our famous #19:

The myth, the legend, the sandwich. This is a must-try for pastrami lovers and, if pastrami isn’t your thing, well, get ready to fall in love because the No. 19 will make you fall in love with the best meat in town. Perfectly balanced. Delicious coleslaw. Glorious full-flavored pastrami. Are you getting hungry? Because I sure am. Once you have this sandwich, you’ll want it again and again.

Read the complete article here. Thank you, Mallory, Eric and TN! – The Langers