Vacation Ideas Magazine: 22 Must-Try Lunch & Dinner Spots in Los Angeles

Vacation Idea Magazine has featured Langer’s Deli as part of their “22 Must-Try Lunch & Dinner Spots in Los Angeles” article.

Langer’s Deli is an old-time favorite, where they specialize in hot pastrami sandwiches. Their pastrami is a select cut of beef that’s been sugar-cured, seasoned as corned beef, and then slowly smoked for tenderness and flavor, before being spiced. They have a variety of hot pastrami and non-pastrami sandwiches, as well as other dishes like Grilled Liver and Onions, Langer’s Beef Stew, and the Alvarado Omelette.

How many of these fine establishments have you tried? There are some great names on there, including ones that don’t normally make lists like this. Check it out!