LA Times: Moderation if Fine, But Only in Moderation

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Columnist Chris Erskine of the Los Angeles Times wrote a terrific piece recently that included a mention of the world-famous #19 hot pastrami sandwich from Langer’s Delicatessen-Restaurant. In the story, entitled “Moderation if Fine, But Only in Moderation,” he notes:

Same goes for the No. 19 sandwich at Langer’s deli, not only the world’s best sandwich but the most glorious architectural achievement since St. Louis erected that amazing arch.

Let me introduce you to the No. 19: Blessed by God, it is the drippiest, sweatiest, most succulent pastrami in deli history, slathered with slaw and served on rye that is as soft as an angel’s tummy.

So lately, what have I been doing? Taking half of the No. 19 home for later. That’s right, I eat only half of the world’s greatest sandwich.

Guess that’s growing older. Or wiser. Or less gluttonous. Guess that’s all good.

Thank you for the mention, Chris, and we’re thrilled you’re still enjoying the #19, even a half a a time. Be sure to say hello next time you are in! – The Langers


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