California Through My Lens: Langer’s Deli: One of Best Pastrami Sandwiches in Los Angeles

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Our thanks to Josh at on his fantastic write-up of our deli:

The restaurant is just like a traditional diner with booth seats and a counter near where they cook the food. The menu has all sorts of things on it, but you really only need to order the Number 19, Pastrami on Rye.

The sandwich comes on rye bread with coleslaw, Swiss cheese, Russian dressing, and loads of meat. It has a robust flavor with a great mix of sweet and savory from the dressing/coleslaw and the pastrami. The meat cooked perfectly and stacked high. It is the highlight of the sandwich, and it has been voted the best pastrami in the state.

Click here to read the complete story. Thank you, Josh!

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pastrami sandwich garnished with dill pickle