Eater: 38 Standout Dining Destinations in Los Angeles

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Our sincere thanks to the Eater LA team for naming Langer’s Delicatessen as a member of their new list, “38 Standout Dining Destinations in Los Angeles.”

Yes, the No. 19 pastrami sandwich is an amazing sandwich, but the pure pastrami on house-based rye is simplicity at its best. There’s a reason why people make pilgrimages to try this place’s pastrami and even corned beef: There is no better version anywhere in town. Pro tip: Try the No. 54, a blend of both the pastrami and corned beef in one sandwich. And don’t skip the rest of the classic Jewish deli menu — it’s all very well executed in one of the best daytime dining rooms in town.

Complete article here.

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Langer's latkes (potato pancakes)Eater's image of a #19 sandwich on a plate