Jonathan Gold: “Langer’s, the Lourdes of Jewish deli meats”

Our favorite restaurant critic (and everyone else’s, for that matter), Jonathan Gold of the LA Weekly, recently answered reader mail with a wonderful metaphor for Langer’s:

My instinct, of course, is to point you toward Langer’s, which is the Lourdes of Jewish deli meats. Langer’s corned beef is steamed to exquisite tenderness, and the crunchy-edged seeded rye bread is superb. Langer’s knows from Russian dressing and is if anything rather overgenerous with the sauerkraut. I have long sworn fealty to what I have come to know as Old Number 44, although to tell the truth, I prefer the nippy cheese to the traditional slice of Swiss. (A Reuben is decidedly not kosher.)

You can read the entire post here at the site.

Thank you, as always, Jonathan, for your support – from the Langer’s family.