Departures Magazine: Hold the Mayo: An Homage to the Pastrami Sandwich

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Mimi Sheraton has penned a wonderful article for Departures Magazine entitled, “Hold the Mayo: An Homage to the Pastrami Sandwich.” In it, she covers the many New York City-based options for great pastrami, including all the big historic names as well as some new ones, as well. But in it, she includes some great mentions of one non-NYC contender – Langer’s Deli:

(While in Los Angeles, I try not to miss the perfect specimens at Langer’s (704 S. Alvarado St.; 213-483-8050;, where even the rye bread outshines New York’s.)


The only setting in which a pastrami sandwich rings true for me is that of a typical New York deli (which, in appearance, Langer’s is, in L.A.): huge; hectic; headily aromatic with whiffs of spice, garlic, brine, and steamy beef; and alive with noisy voices shouting, demanding, complaining, kibitzing.

Click here to read the complete article – it’s terrific.

Our sincere thanks to Mimi and Departures for these great mentions. When in Los Angeles, Mimi, please be sure to drop by and say hello. – The Langers

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