Top Ten Sandwiches in LA

Here’s a great round-up of author “Bun Boy”‘s favorite sandwiches that can be found in our home city of Los Angeles (and surrounding communities, of course), and the Langer’s original #19 hot pastrami sandwich makes the cut:

Langer’s famous Pastrami sandwiches have been keeping Angelenos fat and happy since 1947. With consistent lines out the door, the wait is worth the reward of what I believe to be the best pastrami sandwich I’ve ever had. Forget Johnnie’s, the meat here is thicker with less fat and goes perfectly with the cole slaw and Swiss cheese. I’ve tried other sandwiches here but no need to go beyond the perfection that is #19.

Click through to read the entire story and check out the images. It’s a great grouping! Thank you for the notice, Bun Boy!