Langer’s Facts

  • Langer’s Delicatessen-Restaurant was founded June 17, 1947 by Al and Jean Langer in Los Angeles. It has been at its present location (albeit in a smaller-sized space) since its founding.
  • Langer’s #19 is its most popular sandwich: hot pastrami, cole slaw, Russian dressing and a slice of Swiss cheese on baked rye bread.
  • Pastrami is the most popular sandwich meat served by Langer’s. It’s created from the navel of a steer, specially cured, smoked and steamed, and served at a specific temperature to preserve its juicy, delicious flavor loved by millions of patrons throughout the years.
  • Langer’s has served more than 8 million pounds of pastrami since its inception.
  • The secret to Langer’s beloved rye bread is in double-baking; the bread is received from the bakery, then re-baked at 350 degrees for 30 minutes to give it the crispy crust it’s famous for.
  • Langer’s pioneered “curb service” at its Alvarado location in 1990, allowing patrons to order ahead and then pick up their food from curbside. “Curb service” is now a popular option at most contemporary casual-dining restaurant systems.
  • Langer’s Delicatessen-Restaurant is one city block’s distance from the Metro Red Line’s Westlake-MacArthur Park Station. The subway system line extends from North Hollywood in the San Fernando Valley through Koreatown west of Langer’s, and terminates at Union Station. It is being extended to Beverly Hills and Santa Monica.
  • Langer’s Delicatessen-Restaurant has been twice honored by the prestigious James Beard Foundation in 2001 with its Bertolli America’s Classics Award.
  • Langer’s Delicatessen-Restaurant was a proud participant in Los Angeles Magazine’s “64 Greatest Things in LA” promotion in 2008. We reached the sweet 16 level thanks to the thousands of Langer’s fans who voted on our behalf.
  • Langer’s has been honored by the City of Los Angeles numerous times for its contributions to the MacArthur Park neighborhood and its historic status as a delicatessen-restaurant in Los Angeles.

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