Eater 38 Essential Los Angeles Restaurants

Langer’s Delicatessen-Restaurant is honored to be named once again to the prestigious and influential Eater 38 Essential Restaurants in Los Angeles list. It’s a huge honor and we are grateful to Eater, Matthew Kang and of course, all of you who make Langer’s Deli what it is, every day. Thank you all. – The Langers.


LA Times: Moderation if Fine, But Only in Moderation

Columnist Chris Erskine of the Los Angeles Times wrote a terrific piece recently that included a mention of the world-famous #19 hot pastrami sandwich from Langer’s Delicatessen-Restaurant. In the story, entitled “Moderation if Fine, But Only in Moderation,” he notes:

Same goes for the No. 19 sandwich at Langer’s deli, not only the world’s best sandwich but the most glorious architectural achievement since St. Louis erected that amazing arch.

Let me introduce you to the No. 19: Blessed by God, it is the drippiest, sweatiest, most succulent pastrami in deli history, slathered with slaw and served on rye that is as soft as an angel’s tummy.

So lately, what have I been doing? Taking half of the No. 19 home for later. That’s right, I eat only half of the world’s greatest sandwich.

Guess that’s growing older. Or wiser. Or less gluttonous. Guess that’s all good.

Thank you for the mention, Chris, and we’re thrilled you’re still enjoying the #19, even a half a a time. Be sure to say hello next time you are in! – The Langers



LA Weekly: 10 Best “Big Salads” In LA

Rebecca Pardess of LA Weekly just penned a terrific new article entitled “The 10 Best ‘Big Salads’ in LA,” and Langer’s Tri-Salad is honored to be a part of this impressive list. Says Rebecca:

This salad is so big, it has salads on salads on salads — literally. Everyone knows delis serve hefty helpings of the items on their bible-length menus, and the salads are no exception. Here we have a perfect specimen of a deli-big salad. While a salad in itself, it also includes chicken, egg and tuna salads on a bed of tomatoes, cucumbers and carrots for crunch. Rounded out with a mound of olives, sweet pickles and peaches with cottage cheese, this is a salad for the person who has to have a big salad but can’t quite decide on one direction.

Go read the complete article and share with your friends. It will make you want to order a salad pronto! Thanks, Rebecca! – The Langers



Telluride Daily Planet: Two Cities and a Sandwich

Here’s a wonderful review of Langer’s pastrami and deli dining experience by Jim Hollrah in the Telluride Daily Planet. Worth a 5 minute read!

LA’s pastrami champion, Langer’s Deli, where I have twice dined.  Here the pastrami sandwich reaches its pinnacle.  Hefty, yes, but not a daunting beast bigger than your head.  The crusty bread is assertive without smothering the meat, and the meat itself achieves a tender chewiness and flavor that all pastrami strives for.

Click here to read the complete article. Thank you, Jim! – The Langers

Good Morning America: Jacob Bernstein on Nora Ephron

Langer’s Delicatessen was the location for an ABC News Good Morning America interview by Chris Connelly with Jacob Bernstein, son of our beloved late friend Nora Ephron, who has just produced a documentary on her life entitled “Everything Is Copy,” now showing on HBO. They sit at the counter and discuss the documentary, then enjoy Nora’s favorite sandwich, pastrami on rye.

Thank you, GMA, Jacob, Chris and especially producer Natasha Singh for including us in this great interview! – The Langers



Jewish Journal: Jonathan Gold on Langer’s Deli

From Jewish Journal and Rob Eshman comes this terrific interview with Jonathan Gold regarding his new documentary, “City of Gold.” In it he states that while his childhood was not food-oriented, there was one exception: deli.

Jonathan’s favorite, when asked by Rob? “Langer’s,” he said, to wild audience applause. “The pastrami sandwich — there should be a marble statue of it in the Civic Center mall.”

Check out the complete article, and thank you, Jonathan! – The Langers


LA Weekly: 99 Essential Restaurants

We are thrilled and proud to have been named to LA Weekly’s “99 Essential Restaurants” list. It’s a tremendous honor, one for which we are extremely grateful. Thanks to all who think so much of our delicatessen.

Life is fickle. Things change. There’s not much you can count on. What can you count on? Langer’s Deli. Langer’s will never change, or at least we hope with the fiercest of hopes that it will never change. Because as citizens of L.A. we need to be able to stand in that line, we need to be seated in one of those brown vinyl booths, we need to order that pastrami sandwich and get it on that bread served by these people in this room. Since 1947, Langer’s has been delivering what many believe to be the best pastrami sandwich on Earth. Whether you go for plain pastrami on rye or the famous No. 19 with Swiss cheese, coleslaw and Russian dressing is between you and your god, but either way, Langer’s gives us all something solid to hold on to in this cruel, unpredictable world. —Besha Rodell

Click here to read the complete review.


Langer’s Named to Yelp’s “Top 100 Places to Eat in the US” 2016 List

We are thrilled and honored to be named to the YelpTop 100 Places to Eat in the US” list – thank you so much to everyone at Yelp for including Langer’s Delicatessen. It’s an impressive list with lots of LA places to eat. What are your favorites?

Click here to read the complete list.


Eater: Eat the Menu at Langer’s Deli

WOW super excited about the first Eater “Eat the Menu” video starring Farley Elliot and filmed by Stan Lee – imagine eating this much Langer’s in one sitting! Farley did it! Click the link below to watch the video now!

Thank you, Eater, Farley, Stan and Matthew Kang! – The Langers



Pastrami for the Big Game

Watching the big game this weekend? (Yes, we can’t call it by its real name, but you know what we mean!) If so, make sure you have plenty of Langer’s hot pastrami on hand for all your hungry appetites. If you’re out of town, order direct from, and if you’re local, call us at 213-483-8050 and ask for Norm or Trisha – they’ll help you get your order together for pickup this coming Saturday.

Click here to learn more!



January 30, 2016: Saturday

We hope you’ll spend a small part of this beautiful Saturday with us at 7th and Alvarado, enjoying the world’s finest hot pastrami and all your deli classic favorites. We’re open 8AM-4PM with parking at 7th and Westlake, and we’re just steps from the MacArthur Park / Westlake Metro Red/Purple Line station. See you here, and have a wonderful weekend!

Langers2 Lunch at Legendary Langer’s Deli

Food and travel review site has a great new piece up by Georgia Sanders recounting her recent visit to Langer’s Delicatessen-Restaurant.

Lunch @ Langer’s Deli this past weekend was a definite two thumbs up, waaaay up!  Home of the original #19 Pastrami Sandwich, using hand-cut, hot pastrami, cole slaw, Russian dressing and swiss cheese on double-baked rye bread, it was ALL that and more (see the first photo below – honest, even as good as it looks here – the taste was like no other pastrami I’ve ever had)!

Click here to read the complete article.

It’s a great review and we very much appreciate the positive coverage, Georgia! Thank you so much! – The Langers