Vacation Ideas Magazine: 22 Must-Try Lunch & Dinner Spots in Los Angeles

Vacation Idea Magazine has featured Langer’s Deli as part of their “22 Must-Try Lunch & Dinner Spots in Los Angeles” article.

Langer’s Deli is an old-time favorite, where they specialize in hot pastrami sandwiches. Their pastrami is a select cut of beef that’s been sugar-cured, seasoned as corned beef, and then slowly smoked for tenderness and flavor, before being spiced. They have a variety of hot pastrami and non-pastrami sandwiches, as well as other dishes like Grilled Liver and Onions, Langer’s Beef Stew, and the Alvarado Omelette.

How many of these fine establishments have you tried? There are some great names on there, including ones that don’t normally make lists like this. Check it out!


Langer’s Open Until 7PM Saturday, Aug. 22 Marking “Spheres of MacArthur Park”

Langer’s Delicatessen will remain open until 7PM Saturday evening, August 22, 2015, to mark the grand opening of the public art exhibit “Spheres of MacArthur Park” by Portraits of Hope.

We hope everyone interested in this unique and community-centered public art display will come by MacArthur Park to enjoy the spectacle and beauty, and possibly stop by Langer’s as well. We open Saturday at 8AM and will close at 7PM. Parking is available at 7th and Westlake, and we are just steps away from the Red/Purple Line’s MacArthur Park / Westlake Station.

Langers-1-700x350 Langer’s Deli Review

Our new friend and prominent food blogger Mallory Carra just published an extensive review of items from our menu. Mallory participated in a recent food shoot by Eric Shin and TN of, a pre-launch food site that we will be telling you more about soon.

In the meantime, enjoy Mallory’s coverage here. For example, here’s her take on our famous #19:

The myth, the legend, the sandwich. This is a must-try for pastrami lovers and, if pastrami isn’t your thing, well, get ready to fall in love because the No. 19 will make you fall in love with the best meat in town. Perfectly balanced. Delicious coleslaw. Glorious full-flavored pastrami. Are you getting hungry? Because I sure am. Once you have this sandwich, you’ll want it again and again.

Read the complete article here. Thank you, Mallory, Eric and TN! – The Langers


Thrillist: Every LA Deli Worth Visiting

Wilder Shaw of has a great new piece up you’re going to want to read: “LA Deli Guide: Jewish, Italian and More” – and we’re proud that Langer’s made the cut. How many have you visited? Do you have any favorites (other than Langer’s, of course)?

Langer’s most certainly has the best pastrami in the city. The wonderful piece of human precision and ingenuity that is the #19 will rattle your bones in the best possible way — ridiculous cuts of ‘stram, coleslaw, Swiss cheese, and Russian dressing on rye.

Click here to read the entire article. Thank you, Wilder and Thrillist! – The Langers


Jerry’s Motel: Langer’s Deli Downtown Eats

Our friends at Jerry’s Motel (located just north of us at Third Street and Lucas) penned a wonderful review recommending Langer’s Deli to their guests, many of whom come from around the world to stay at the classic location, based on its Certificate of Excellence award from the prestigious rating site

If you are a pastrami fan, you cannot visit Los Angeles without eating at the historic Langer’s Deli.  Open since 1947, this deli offers the BEST pastrami sandwich you will ever eat in your life. Guaranteed.

And it only gets better from there! Our sincere thanks to everyone at Jerry’s who took the time to write this great piece, and for all their recommendations over the years to visitors who also became Langer’s fans! – The Langers




Sonoma Index-Tribune: Even Travelers Have To Eat in LA

We’re thrilled with this wonderful breakfast review by Kathleen Hill entitled “Even Travelers Have to Eat in LA,” appearing in the Sonoma Index-Tribune:

Friday morning Mack, Linus and I went to our favorite breakfast spot, Langer’s Deli and Restaurant on South Alvarado Street in very urban Los Angeles. A wonderful Jewish spot where the same servers have worked for decades in the middle of a Latino commercial neighborhood. I ordered the best scrambled eggs anywhere, which came with five slices of crispy bacon, potatoes and a bagel.

You can also order kippers, steak, corned beef hash, salami, ground beef and turkey or pork sausage with your eggs ($12-$13). Linus gobbled a scrambled egg and the half avocado, half banana, and lots of blueberries Mack had packed for him, while flirting with everyone who came along.

Read the complete story by clicking here. Thank you, Kathleen – we hope to see you again soon! – The Langers


Departures Magazine: Hold the Mayo: An Homage to the Pastrami Sandwich

Mimi Sheraton has penned a wonderful article for Departures Magazine entitled, “Hold the Mayo: An Homage to the Pastrami Sandwich.” In it, she covers the many New York City-based options for great pastrami, including all the big historic names as well as some new ones, as well. But in it, she includes some great mentions of one non-NYC contender – Langer’s Deli:

(While in Los Angeles, I try not to miss the perfect specimens at Langer’s (704 S. Alvarado St.; 213-483-8050;, where even the rye bread outshines New York’s.)


The only setting in which a pastrami sandwich rings true for me is that of a typical New York deli (which, in appearance, Langer’s is, in L.A.): huge; hectic; headily aromatic with whiffs of spice, garlic, brine, and steamy beef; and alive with noisy voices shouting, demanding, complaining, kibitzing.

Click here to read the complete article – it’s terrific.

Our sincere thanks to Mimi and Departures for these great mentions. When in Los Angeles, Mimi, please be sure to drop by and say hello. – The Langers


First We Feast: Our 5 Favorite Iconic LA Sandwiches

Erin Mosbaugh of has a great new piece up entitled “Our 5 Favorite Iconic LA Sandwiches,” and we’re thrilled that the Langer’s #19 made the list:

If New York was the blueprint for Jewish delis, then L.A. perfected them. The go-to move at Langer’s is what’s familiarly referred to as the #19: hot pastrami with coleslaw, Russian dressing, and Swiss. Like the much-adored Katz’s in NYC, the deli hand-carves thick, fatty pieces of pastrami, but only Langer’s serves the double-baked, caraway-flecked rye loaf that is sliced for each order. It sure didn’t hurt the deli’s reputation when L.A. Times food critic Jonathan Gold went on record saying he’d like Langer’s to cater his funeral.

Read the complete piece and see how many of her selections make your own list. Thank you, Erin!


Thrillist: 50 LA Things You Need to Eat Before You Die

Our friends at Thrillist have once again done an amazing job looking at the best eats in Los Angeles, and we’re thrilled to be part of the list – at #2, no less! Our #19 made it right to (almost) the top:

The most iconic pastrami sandwich in the city is also its most delicious. Yep, we said it.

Click to read the entire article. Thank you, Thrillist!!! – The Langer Family