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To all our amazing friends and valued customers:

We are glad to see small businesses across Southern California reopen. As we turn our attention to reopening our dining room as COVID-19 restrictions are eased, we have one goal in mind, keeping our customers, employees and their families safe.

As we have said before, the Safety and health of our guests and staff is of the utmost importance. Over the last several months, as we continued our to-go, pickup and delivery service program, we increased the frequency of cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting; used risk mitigations, including face coverings. In anticipation of in-person dining being allowed, we carefully examined our ability to implement effective social distancing measures while at the same time continuing our very popular pickup and delivery service.

Given the physical layout of Langer’s Deli, at this time, it is not possible to reduce face-to-face exposure that satisfies our requirements – requirements that go beyond Health Orders. We make no apology, our motto in the COVID-19 era is Safety First, and we will not reopen our dining room at this time until we have a plan that satisfies our Safety First pledge.

We are pleased to say that Langer’s will be continuing our to-go, pickup and delivery service program for the foreseeable future. We will reopen our dining room for sit-down service, but it will be done the right way following the best operational tenets to protect our employees and loyal customers.

We thank you for your understanding and continued support.

Norm & Jennette Langer
Langer’s Delicatessen

Washington Post: Home-delivered muffulettas, deep-dish pizza, brisket and more bring iconic American tastes to your table

A monumental thanks to Tom Sietsema of The Washington Post for including us in his review of the food shipment business during the time of COVID-19:

Chowhounds recognize No. 19 at Langer’s Delicatessen-Restaurant in Los Angeles as one of the finest sandwiches in America. To eat it, even far from its source, is to embrace a legend. The double-baked rye bread comes with a crackle in its crust. The coleslaw is crisp and creamy, and the Russian dressing, zipped up with relish, is a role model. Then there’s the pastrami, cured to the specifications laid out by Albert Langer back in 1947: long-steamed, hand-cut against the grain — the perfect union of fat, meat, smoke, spice and attention. Completing the package, literally, are slices of Swiss cheese, providing mellow resistance, and some snappy pickles, meant to be eaten on the side.

Please read the entire article for an amazing collection of food items available by overnight delivery from around the United States. Thank you, Tom, and thank you, Washington Post! – The Langers

pastrami sandwich on rye bread

Frommer’s: America’s Favorite Destination Restaurants Are Being Saved by Cross-Country Delivery

Interesting story from entitled “America’s Favorite Destination Restaurants Are Being Saved by Cross-Country Delivery” – includes a mention of Langer’s Deli as we are delivery partners with industry leader

You can get a cheesesteak from Pat’s King of Steaks in Philadelphia, lobster rolls from the Clam Shack in Kennebunkport, Maine, bagels from New York’s Ess-a-Bagel, muffuletta sandwiches from Central Grocery in New Orleans, the iconic pastrami sandwiches from Langer’s Deli in Los Angeles, pepperoni pizza without having to wait in the down-the-block line from Prince Street Pizza in New York City, mouth-watering barbecue from several award-winning Southern joints, top-rated key lime pies from Florida, and much more.

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John & Ken: Ken orders 2 #19s

Enjoy this great  clip  from KFI AM  640’s John & Ken! People Will Drive For Miles Just To Try the Most Crave-Worthy Sandwich In Southern California At Langer’s Deli

Here’s a fun website listing all sorts of great places to eat and visit, and they just published a recommendation for Langer’s Deli:

There’s one sandwich in Southern California that stands above the rest. It’s so delicious, in fact, that locals and out-of-towners and even national food reviewers consistently say that this is the most crave-worthy sandwich on the planet. Want to see what all the fuss is about? Here’s a closer look at this tasty sandwich in SoCal that has earned quite a following.

Click here to read the complete article.

pastrami sandwich on rye bread

Thrillist: 8 Iconic California Foods You Can Ship to a Friend Right Now

Big thanks to Thrillist who included Langer’s Delicatessen-Restaurant in their new “8 Iconic California Foods You Can Ship to a Friend Right Now”:

One of LA’s most beloved sandwiches comes from this 73-year-old pastrami palace. While there are plenty of fine combos at the Downtown deli, none is more famous than good old #19: a combo of smoky pastrami, coleslaw, and Swiss cheese, topped with Russian dressing and served hot on a local, Jewish-style rye alongside some impressive pickles. And for those clueless in the kitchen, the shipment comes with instructions for how to heat it to perfection.

Click here  to read the complete list. Thank you, Thrillist!

Anders Husa & Kaitlin Orr: Langer’s Deli

What a wonderful surprise during this trying time – a beautiful photo essay by food bloggers Anders Husa & Kaitlin Orr during a pre-COVID19 visit to our dining room. Click through to see their amazing photos and sign up for their newsletter!

f you haven’t tried the #19 sandwich from Langer’s Deli, have you even been to L.A.? The #19 is THE thing to order at Langer’s – their world-famous pastrami comes served on double-baked rye bread, with Swiss cheese, Russian dressing, and cole slaw. The meat here is cut very thick, almost like corned beef, and has an incredibly smoky, roasted barbecue flavor. Langer’s has been a L.A. institution since 1947. Why? Because they serve the best pastrami in the world.

Click here to view the complete article.

Thank you, Anders and Kaitlin!

Forbes: How To Take A Star-Studded Los Angeles Virtual Vacation

Now here’s something really remarkable during our COVID-19 crisis in Los Angeles – an article published by entitled “How To Take A Star-Studded Los Angeles Virtual Vacation” by Julie Tremaine. In it, she “tours” the Southland’s many amazing sites and sounds:

You may not be able to visit the city at the moment, but you can still experience a lot of what makes it such an incredible place, even through armchair tourism.

Julie even includes a mention of our shipping program so that anyone in the continental US can enjoy our pastrami! Thank you, Julie!

C Magazine: The Best Restaurants for Takeout in California’s Big Cities

We are excited and grateful for our inclusion in C Magazine’s “The Best Restaurants for Takeout in California’s Big Cities” article, now available at their website by clicking here.

Considered one of the best Jewish delis in the country, the iconic Downtown L.A. establishment Langer’s Deli, now in its 73rd year and recipient of Regional Classics award from the James Beard Foundation, remains open for to-go orders, curbside service and dropoffs through the usual delivery partners. What to order? The famous #19 handcut pastrami sandwich with coleslaw, Russian dressing and Swiss cheese on double-baked rye, of course. Add in a couple of extra pickles and maybe some chopped liver or smoked whitefish.

Click here to read the complete article. Thank you, C!

Air Jordan Podcast: Langer’s Deli

Jordan Okun of the Air Jordan podcast interviews Norm Langer and Matt Giamela of RC Provision in this hour-long, wide-ranging discussion. Enjoy!

Click here to listen. A quieter L.A. on Day 1 of expanded coronavirus closures

Norm Langer was featured in a story Monday from the Los Angeles Times regarding the first day of the Mayor’s restaurant dine-in closure.

Owner Norm Langer was irked by Garcetti’s orders, saying they would limit people’s food options, instill panic and devastate the restaurant industry. Monday marked the first time in 72 years that his deli was not allowing people to eat inside the restaurant during regular hours, he said.

“I think it’s a big mistake,” Langer said. “You want social distancing, fine. We can put that in effect.”

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seats along the counter in a delicatessen

LA Weekly: Finding L.A.’s Historic Soul in Its Restaurants

The LA Weekly recently published a great piece by Nikki Kreuzer entitled, “Finding L.A.’s Historic Soul in Its Restaurants.” In it, she takes a decade-by-decade look at the amazing collection of surviving restaurants from as far back as the beginning of the 20th century. Langer’s makes our appearance in the 1940s:

Langer’s Deli (704 S Alvarado St., Westlake), known for its pastrami and matzo ball soup, was opened in 1947 by a New Jersey transplant. It’s kept its original appearance with vintage signs, multi-colored tile behind the deli counter and knobby wood room dividers.

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