Washington Post: Home-delivered muffulettas, deep-dish pizza, brisket and more bring iconic American tastes to your table

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A monumental thanks to Tom Sietsema of The Washington Post for including us in his review of the food shipment business during the time of COVID-19:

Chowhounds recognize No. 19 at Langer’s Delicatessen-Restaurant in Los Angeles as one of the finest sandwiches in America. To eat it, even far from its source, is to embrace a legend. The double-baked rye bread comes with a crackle in its crust. The coleslaw is crisp and creamy, and the Russian dressing, zipped up with relish, is a role model. Then there’s the pastrami, cured to the specifications laid out by Albert Langer back in 1947: long-steamed, hand-cut against the grain — the perfect union of fat, meat, smoke, spice and attention. Completing the package, literally, are slices of Swiss cheese, providing mellow resistance, and some snappy pickles, meant to be eaten on the side.

Please read the entire article for an amazing collection of food items available by overnight delivery from around the United States. Thank you, Tom, and thank you, Washington Post! – The Langers

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pastrami sandwich on rye breadpastrami sandwich garnished with dill pickle