John and Ken on Langer’s Pastrami

KFI AM640’s John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou of The John and Ken Show spent a minute discussing pastrami on Wednesday, May 23, 2018, and John mentioned he had recently visited Langer’s Delicatessen. Thank you both for all your kind words about our pastrami! – The Langers Six of the best: Classic Los Angeles Dining Experiences

Andrea Black of recently authored a new piece entitled “Six of the best: Classic Los Angeles Dining Experiences,” and she included Langer’s Delicatessen-Restaurant:

For the ultimate Jewish deli experience, some will recommend Greenblatt’s or Canters, but Langer’s Deli in Westlake is the go to place in LA, just ask celebrated food critic, Jonathan Gold who wrote, “The fact is inescapable: Langer’s serves the best pastrami sandwich in America”. The diner-styled interior and facade haven’t changed since they were built in 1947, nor have the owners, a constant in an area that’s been in a state of flux for years. The deli is across from the faded glory of MacArthur Park (yes, the same park Richard Harris sang about) among rundown pawn shops and gang-tagged walls. The much-lauded pastrami sandwich features slow-cooked meat combined with house Russian sauce and the crunch of fresh, crusty, carroway studded ryebread. Taking a slug of my egg-cream soda, I look around at my fellow diners – we’re told Dr Dre was here last week – all lost in the same sandwich induced reverie.

Los Angeles Times: Norm Langer guides Langer’s Deli through changing tastes

The Los Angeles Times via writer Samantha Masunaga recently profiled owner Norm Langer as part of their “How I Made It” series of business owners.

Over its more than 70 years in existence, Langer’s has made a name for itself as a foodie destination. Since the restaurant has been in business, Langer said, he has sold “over 10 million pounds of pastrami.”

Although Langer has embarked on several advertising campaigns, he said his “claim to fame is word of mouth.”

“You can do all the advertising in the world and sometimes it brings people in,” Langer said. “But when your friend … says to you, ‘I went to Langer’s and I had a corned beef sandwich’… that’s the credential you want. It’s personal.”

The article also includes this great photo of Norm and Al in 1997, which was our 50th anniversary year:


Click here to read the complete profile. Thank you, Los Angeles Times and Samantha! – The Langers

Eater 38 Essential Los Angeles Restaurants, Spring 2018

We are thrilled and proud to be once again named to Eater’s “38 Essential Los Angeles Restaurants” list for Spring of 2018. This prestigious honor means so much to everyone who works every day to ensure a great dining experience at Langer’s Delicatessen. Thank you to the Eater team for acknowledging our valued employees. – The Langers

Yes, the No. 19 pastrami sandwich is an amazing sandwich, but the pure pastrami on house-based rye is simplicity at its best. There’s a reason why people make pilgrimages to try this place’s pastrami and even corned beef: there is no better version anywhere in town, and perhaps even in the country. Pro tip: Try the No. 54, a blend of both the pastrami and corned beef in one sandwich. And don’t skip the rest of the classic Jewish deli menu — it’s all very well executed in one of the best daytime dining rooms in town.

Click to read the complete article.

Cool Material: The Sandwich Bucket List

Thanks to Cool Material for including our legendary #19 hot pastrami sandwich in their “Sandwich Bucket List” – be sure to check it out, there are some truly amazing sandwiches from around the United States on this list!

Don’t let the cryptic name fool you, you’re very familiar with the No. 19—you just haven’t had one this good. The No. 19 is composed of hand-cut pastrami, coleslaw, Russian dressing, and Swiss cheese, and it’s all loaded between two pieces of double-baked rye bread. It’s a fantastic take on the classic Rachel. We’re guessing it’s the only hot pastrami sandwich to ever receive praise from Nora Ephron in The New Yorker—and the late writer was spot on.

Click here to read the complete article.

Langer’s on The Zimmern List: Travel Channel

Did you see our segment on Zimmern List last night during its premiere? NO? Click the link and watch it right now! It’s great and just another example of why Andrew Zimmern is at the top of his game when it comes to food- and travel-related television. Thank you to everyone at his production company for such a great segment!!



Eater: 27 Epic Los Angeles Sandwiches, Winter 2018

We’re thrilled to be named to Eater LA’s “27 Epic LA Sandwiches, Winter 2018” edition!

“An easy choice for the most popular pastrami sandwich at this historic deli in Westlake, just west of Downtown. This near-perfect Jewish deli sandwich features house-baked rye bread, russian dressing, cheese, coleslaw and freshly sliced slivers of the most achingly perfect, smoked pastrami on earth. There is simply no equal when it comes to this pastrami.”

We agree! Thank you, Eater! – The Langers

Loyolan: Pastrami on Rye

Student journalist Niko Klein has authored a terrific new piece entitled “Pastrami on Rye” for the Loyolan, the student newspaper of Loyola Marymount University in the Westchester area of Los Angeles. The author visited three delis – Nate ‘n Al’s, Factor’s, and Langer’s – and has generous write-ups for each. Here’s what Niko thought of Langer’s:

The interior screams classic, unchanged, Jewish deli, with classic delicacies behind a long glass display case, brown leather, wood paneling and charismatic servers that seem to be transplants from decades past. While Langer’s itself hasn’t changed much since its 1940s founding, the surrounding area has. Across the street from L.A.’s infamous MacArthur Park, Langer’s lies in a surrounding black and white to that of Nate n’ Al. Langer’s sticks out like a sore thumb amongst discount clothing shops, storefronts brimming with images of Christ and corner fruit vendors. In an area once known for gang violence, the deli not only survives, but thrives. Langer’s exists shoulder-to-shoulder with the Dodgers, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the city’s other great historic institutions. Some will tell you that Langer’s offers the best hot pastrami on rye in the whole United States of America, always neck-to-neck with Katz in New York. This author has never been to New York, so I’ll continue to side with Langer’s as my deli of choice. Maybe it’s atmosphere, maybe it’s nostalgia or maybe the pastrami sandwich is truly superior, but I have an undying affection for this delicatessen that is less than a mile from my beloved Loyola High.

The difference lies in the cut. Langer’s has always hand-cut their pastrami. While most delis machine slice their pastrami, Langer’s hand-cuts in order to avoid drawing out the meat’s moisture, as a machine-cutting process does. With a Langer’s sandwich, you’re guaranteed a melt in your mouth experience. This consistency can be attributed to Langer’s steaming process. The pastrami delivered daily to the store is ready for consumption, but Langer’s steams the pastrami for a few hours in order to get the product as soft as possible. The #19 is their most famous, with swiss, Russian dressing and coleslaw; however, I opt for the #1, as I don’t care for Swiss. The bread is a big competitive advantage for Langer’s. Though most delis will claim a double-baked rye, this downtown delicatessen delivers big time. A hard, crispy crust and a heavenly, soft inside make this the best rye bread around. Nate n’ Al has Langer’s beat on the Matzo ball soup, but Langer’s still delivers a good cup. I usually get an order of French fries, extra pickles and occasionally a chocolate malt, if I’m feeling indulgent. Go in and get a sandwich, but don’t mistake the adjoining park for a pleasant picnic spot.

Click here to read the complete article. Thank you, Niko! – The Langers

The Infatuation: LA Deli Power Rankings

We are honored to be ranked #1 in The Infatuation’s “LA Deli Power Rankings” again!

“There’s nothing more liberating than seeing the look on a New Yorker’s face when someone says LA has the best pastrami. So we’ll go ahead and say it again – LA has the best pastrami. And all you need to do is head down to Alvarado and 7th, and pay a quick visit to Langer’s for proof.”

Read the entire list – how many have you visited?

DC Comics “Mister Miracle” Visits Langer’s Deli

From Daily Bulletin columnist David Allen comes this amazing find from DC Comics’ “Mister Miracle” comics – an obvious visit by characters to Langer’s Delicatessen ordering #19s and cabbage soup!