Grubhub: 2017 In Review

We are proud to be a part of this new Grubhub 2017 highlights video showcasing how Grubhub restaurant partners can be a part of something bigger than ourselves. We hope you enjoy it (watch all the way to the end!).

The Infatuation: The Los Angeles Greatest Hits List

We are extremely proud to have been named to The Infatuation‘s “The Los Angeles Greatest Hits List” of favorite restaurants. Looking through the list makes you realize how unique Los Angeles is when it comes to food culture – and how lucky we are for its amazing range and diversity. Thank you, The Infatuation, for including us.

One thing that never fits into the common stereotype of LA is just how good our deli scene is. We have a handful of delicatessens we confidently know could go toe-to-toe with the best in America, but Langer’s is our undoubted leader. Their #19 pastrami sandwich is the stuff of legend. The best part of Langer’s, though? Its Westlake location leaves it utterly devoid of the brochure tourists and Instagramming lifestyle bloggers that ruin other places like this. Go enjoy an unadulterated classic.

Thank you so much – it’s a great honor to be included in such a list. – The Langers

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Los Angeles Times: Jonathan Gold’s 101 Best Restaurants 2017

We are honored to have been named to Jonathan Gold’s “101 Best Restaurants 2017” in the Los Angeles Times. It is a major honor and we are grateful. Thank you, Jonathan – The Langers

Los Angeles vs. Chicago: The Bet Is On

LA WANTS DEEP DISH! It’s the LA Dodgers against the Chicago Cubs in the NLCS, and once again, Chief Beck and Superintendent of Police Johnson are wagering their favorites for city pride. If LA wins, Chicago sends Chief Beck deep dish pizza. If Chicago wins (UNLIKELY!), Los Angeles sends Langer’s world-famous #19 pastrami sandwiches. Who will win? #pastrami

Eater: 38 Essential Los Angeles Restaurants, Fall 2017

We are honored to be named to’s “38 Essential Los Angeles Restaurants” for Fall 2017. Here’s what they had to say about us:

Yes, the #19 pastrami sandwich is an amazing sandwich, but the pure pastrami on house-based rye is simplicity at its best. There’s a reason why people make pilgrimages to try their pastrami and even corned beef: there is no better version anywhere in town, and perhaps even in the country. Pro tip: try the #54, a blend of both the pastrami and corned beef in one sandwich. And don’t skip the rest of the classic Jewish deli menu — it’s all very well executed in one of the best day-time dining rooms in town.

Please click here to read the complete article. Thank you, Eater and Matthew Kang. – The Langers

Eater: 20 Most Iconic Restaurant Dishes, Fall 2017

We are proud and thrilled to have been named to Eater’s “20 Most Iconic Restaurant Dishes, Fall 2017” for Los Angeles. Here is their take on our legendary #19 sandwich:

There is no more iconic single sandwich in Los Angeles (and no better pastrami sandwich in America) than the #19 at Langer’s. It’s the absolute pinnacle of a Jewish deli staple, complete with mile-high stacks of pastrami, Swiss cheese, and coleslaw on rye.

Thank you again, Eater! – The Langers

LAist: The 8 Best Jewish Delis In Los Angeles

We are thrilled and honored to have been included in LAist’s “The 8 Best Jewish Delis In Los Angeles” article just published at their site. Their write-up of our food and location are terrific:

We’ve written before about Langer’s legendary pastrami sandwich, which no less a food authority than Nora Ephron famously deemed the best in the world. The 70-year-old Westlake deli is no one-hit wonder, though; Norm Langer, who inherited the business from his father Al, can often be spotted at the restaurant, doling out corned beef and cheese blintzes with a side of Borscht Belt humor. Sadly, Langer’s closes at 4 p.m. daily—if you’re in a rush, avail yourself of their “curb service” and get an order to go, but be warned that the famous #19 Hot Pastrami Sandwich is best enjoyed at one of Langer’s signature brown booths.

Click here to read the complete article. Thank you, LAist! – The Langers

Video: Nick Hardwick of the Los Angeles Chargers Visits Langer’s Deli

We were thrilled to play host to Nick Hardwick of the Los Angeles Chargers. Nick’s new program is designed to show Chargers fans from San Diego as well as Los Angeles places to visit when they come to town for game weekends. (Remember, we’re closed Sunday, but fans will be at the game anyway! Visit us Saturday for all your tailgate needs!).

Eater: 28 Classic Restaurants Every Angeleno Must Try, Summer 2017

We are thrilled and honored to be included in’s “28 Classic Restaurants Every Angeleno Must Try, Summer 2017” list, just published on their site. Just check out this wonderful write-up of Langer’s:

Possibly the greatest pastrami in America, Langer’s is a fantastic diner in Westlake offering everything from reubens and corned beef to delicatessen classics like matzo ball soup and lox. Ever crowded during lunch, it’s easily the best Jewish deli in a city full of great delis.

Thank you, Matthew Kang and Farley Elliott, you are wonderful to us and we are grateful. – The Langers

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Norm Langer on KTLA 5 Morning News, August 11, 2017

Norm Langer was invited to appear on the KTLA 5 Morning News with Frank Buckley and it was a great time! Everyone got to sample #19s and #5s, plus Norm brought a gourmet party platter which Sam Rubin enjoyed immensely! Thank you all at KTLA, especially Janet Hill, for having Norm on.