LAist: Langer’s Fries has an interesting post on favorite french fries – and features a great image of Langer’s crinkle-cut fries as part of the story. Click here to check it out for yourself.

KTLA 5’s Sam Rubin at Langer’s

KTLA 5’s Sam Rubin had $100 to spend as part of the station’s Steals & Deals in Downtown LA – so he chose Langer’s and fed EIGHT PEOPLE plus takeout for just over $100!

Thanks to Sam and Channel 5 KTLA for thinking of us – we had a great time and hope you come back soon!

Jonathan Gold: “Langer’s, the Lourdes of Jewish deli meats”

Our favorite restaurant critic (and everyone else’s, for that matter), Jonathan Gold of the LA Weekly, recently answered reader mail with a wonderful metaphor for Langer’s:

My instinct, of course, is to point you toward Langer’s, which is the Lourdes of Jewish deli meats. Langer’s corned beef is steamed to exquisite tenderness, and the crunchy-edged seeded rye bread is superb. Langer’s knows from Russian dressing and is if anything rather overgenerous with the sauerkraut. I have long sworn fealty to what I have come to know as Old Number 44, although to tell the truth, I prefer the nippy cheese to the traditional slice of Swiss. (A Reuben is decidedly not kosher.)

You can read the entire post here at the site.

Thank you, as always, Jonathan, for your support – from the Langer’s family.

Thank you, Jonathan Gold and LA Weekly!

Langer’s Delicatessen-Restaurant has been named by Pulitzer Prize-winning food critic Jonathan Gold as one of the “99 Essential LA Restaurants”! We are so proud and so thankful to Jonathan and the LA Weekly, where his column runs, for this great honor. Make sure you click here to visit the complete article at LA, but here’s an excerpt from Jonathan that we particularly love:

…bite into a Langer’s pastrami sandwich: thick slices of hand-sliced meat, glistening with peppery fat, as dense and as smoky as Texas barbecue; thick-cut seeded corn rye, hot, crisp-crusted and soft inside, with a slightly sour tang that helps tame the richness of the meat; a dab of yellow mustard as important to the whole as a sushi master’s wasabi. The fact is inescapable: Langer’s serves the best pastrami sandwich in America…

Visit Jonathan’s article here. Thank you, Jonathan and LA Weekly!

Bagels in the LA Times

Langer’s gets a mention in today’s profile of LA’s two biggest bagel vendors, Brooklyn Bagel and Western Bagel:

Norm Langer, whose Langer’s Deli is across from MacArthur Park, says: “I can’t sell a sesame bagel in this neighborhood.” Brooklyn delivers his most popular bagels: onion, water and egg. Langer says bagel preferences reflect the change in his neighborhood since 1947, when the area was predominantly Jewish.

You can read the complete article here.

Friend of Langer’s: Sonia Romero

Sonia Romero is an accomplished local artist who created an absolutely beautiful piece of art featuring Norm Langer and his late father Al in a classic Langer’s booth as part of the artwork featured at the Westlake Metro subway station.

She now has received a commission from the Los Angeles County Arts Commission to design and oversee the installation of a series of new murals surrounding four East Los Angeles Pool sites. We want to send Sonia a hearty congratulations for this great accomplishment! Truly, well deserved. Sonia will be designing the color and graphic schemes for all four sites, leading a group of youth from Los Angeles Conservation Corps in the fabrication of the murals. The murals are slated to be completed by December 1, 2008.

Congratulations, Sonia!

Click here for more information.

Langer’s in the LA Weekly

Click here to check out the Langer’s review in the LA Weekly:

The best drive-thru food in Los Angeles? … Why settle for a hamburger when you can have Langer’s pastrami?

Plus, make sure you check out the Food section on for lots of great restaurant information, featuring Jonathan Gold.

Langer’s No. 19 – Olympic Diet?

So says The Los Angeles Times’ Chris Erskine in a recent column on the diminutive size of Team USA’s Olympic gymnasts:

One question: Where exactly are the women in women’s gymnastics? I’ve got more meat on my thumb than most of these poor kids.

Here’s a tip: The No. 19 at Langer’s Deli — the warm pastrami, with a layer of coleslaw across the roof. Juicy as a steak, this pastrami. In fact, I’m sending these scrawny Tinker Bells some Langer’s right now, in honor of all their good work this week. Please tell Bela Karolyi to keep his fat paws off.

Read the entire column here.

Langer’s Wins #1 Deli in CityBest Competition!

Thanks to you, our loyal customers and fans, Langer’s Delicatessen-Restaurant has been selected TOP DELI in LOS ANGELES!

Voters selected their favorite delis from a wide selection around the Southland; here’s how the final tally came out:

  1. Langer’s Delicatessen-Restaurant
  2. Brent’s Delicatessen & Restaurant
  3. Canter’s Fairfax
  4. Nate-n-Al’s Restaurant
  5. Art’s Deli
  6. Label Table
  7. Greenblatt’s Restaurant
  8. Fromin’s Restaurant

Thank you, Los Angeles! We are honored by your selection and thank you for your support.

See you soon at Langer’s!

Langer’s at’s Cooking Corner

Langer’s received a very nice mention in the Cooking Corner: Homemade Pastrami article by David W. Cowles, carried by the Peninsula Gateway ( In the article, which discusses the merits of and tasks behind creating your own pastrami at home, David discusses the historical background of pastrami preparation, its Romanian roots, and the non-controversy over which delicatessen has the world’s best pastrami:

New Yorkers may be partial to Katz’s, but the reputation for having the best pastrami in the United States (and probably the entire world) goes to Langer’s, a Los Angeles deli that’s been around since 1947.

Langer’s is located at 7th and Alvarado near downtown, a few blocks from MacArthur Park, in what is now a heavily Latino neighborhood. The founder, Al Langer, passed away in June 2007 at 94.

Right up to the time he died, he went into the deli several times a week for a few hours to help with the lunch crowd and to greet old customers. His son, Norm Langer, runs the place. Norm has worked the deli — a family affair — since 1963.

At Langer’s, you order pastrami sandwiches by the number. No. 1 is pastrami, cole slaw and Russian dressing. Add Swiss cheese and the number changes to 19. Pastrami, chopped liver, and Russian dressing is No. 6. A grilled pastrami, sauerkraut and “nippy” (American) cheese is No. 44.

And there are more. These sandwiches are on rye bread baked by Bea’s Bakery in Tarzana.

Thanks for the kind words, David!