Chowyum: Langer’s Deli

The Chowyum food blog recently paid us a visit and assembled a wonderful photo essay of their experience at the deli. Click through for all their wonderful prose and even more beautiful food photography. Thank you for visiting us! The Non-Snobby LA Dining Guide

Here’s a great new article from our friends at entitled “The Non-Snobby LA Dining Guide” – and it’s just that – their favorite places that serve “really, really good food.” We’re thrilled to be included, thank you! How many of their other selections have you visited? It’s a neat and diverse list!

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They Eat: Langer’s Deli Video Visit

The ladies of They Eat visited Langer’s Delicatessen recently and tried our #19 based on the recommendation of Jonathan Gold of the Los Angeles Times. Their verdict? 10 Dishes to Eat in So Cal has a fun new article up entitled “Here Are The 10 Dishes You Have To Eat In Southern California Before You Die” and it includes our world-famous #19 hot pastrami sandwich. What other selections on this list have you tried? The 11 Best Classic And Quintessentially Los Angeles Dishes

Anna Harari at has a new article up entitled “The 11 Best Classic And Quintessentially Los Angeles Dishes,” and our world-famous #19 has made the list. What are your favorites here? Some interesting choices, for sure! LA Deli Power Rankings

Brant Cox of has a new article up entitled, “LA Deli Power Rankings,” and we’re thrilled to be included – at the #1 position! Just listen to Brant’s effusive support for what we like to call “the world’s best hot pastrami”:

There’s nothing more liberating than seeing the look on a New Yorker’s face when someone says LA has the best pastrami. So we’ll go ahead and say it again – LA has the best pastrami. And all you need to do is head down to Alvarado and 7th, and pay a quick visit to Langer’s for proof. The LA landmark has been dishing out the best pastrami in the world (we can confirm through extensive scientific analysis) for over 70 years, with the #19 sandwich serving as its pièce de résistance. Pastrami, swiss cheese, and Russian-style coleslaw stacked between two perfect pieces of rye bread. This is the standard bearer for all things pastrami. Come at us.

It’s a terrific article that deserves a complete read. Thank you, Brant, and thank you, We are honored. – The Langers


pastrami being sliced

Spoon University: 11 Reasons Why Langer’s Deli is The Most Epic Place In LA To Get Your Pastrami Fix

We are grateful and thrilled with a new review by prominent food blogger Jessi Jordan at Spoon University – check it out and make sure you watch the accompanying video, too! It’s terrific – thank you, Jessi!

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The Actor’s Diet: Langer’s Deli

Lynn Chen of paid a visit to Langer’s Delicatessen and left a great review for us, along with fantastic (and delicious-looking) pictures! Click on through to check it out!

Telluride Daily Planet: Two Cities and a Sandwich

Here’s a wonderful review of Langer’s pastrami and deli dining experience by Jim Hollrah in the Telluride Daily Planet. Worth a 5 minute read!

LA’s pastrami champion, Langer’s Deli, where I have twice dined.  Here the pastrami sandwich reaches its pinnacle.  Hefty, yes, but not a daunting beast bigger than your head.  The crusty bread is assertive without smothering the meat, and the meat itself achieves a tender chewiness and flavor that all pastrami strives for.

Click here to read the complete article. Thank you, Jim! – The Langers Lunch at Legendary Langer’s Deli

Food and travel review site has a great new piece up by Georgia Sanders recounting her recent visit to Langer’s Delicatessen-Restaurant.

Lunch @ Langer’s Deli this past weekend was a definite two thumbs up, waaaay up!  Home of the original #19 Pastrami Sandwich, using hand-cut, hot pastrami, cole slaw, Russian dressing and swiss cheese on double-baked rye bread, it was ALL that and more (see the first photo below – honest, even as good as it looks here – the taste was like no other pastrami I’ve ever had)!

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It’s a great review and we very much appreciate the positive coverage, Georgia! Thank you so much! – The Langers