Los Angeles Times: Jonathan Gold’s 101 Best Restaurants 2017

We are honored to have been named to Jonathan Gold’s “101 Best Restaurants 2017” in the Los Angeles Times. It is a major honor and we are grateful. Thank you, Jonathan – The Langers

LAist: This Meat Supplier You’ve Never Heard Of Is The Secret Behind L.A.’s Best Pastrami Sandwich

A terrific article in LAist by Emma Specter covering our Los Angeles Times 2017 Food Bowl event with Pulitzer Prize-winning food critic Jonathan Gold on Tuesday, May 30, 2017:

Opened in Westlake in 1947, Langer’s Delicatessen has established itself time and time again as the home of the best pastrami on the West Coast. Even Nora Ephron, the patron saint of the New York deli counter (or whatever the Jewish equivalent is of a patron saint), extolled the virtues of Langer’s in a 2002 New Yorker article, proclaiming the restaurant home to “the finest hot pastrami sandwich in the world.” On Tuesday afternoon, food critic Jonathan Gold sat down with owner Norm Langer and Matt Giamela, owner of Burbank meat supplier RC Provisions, for a L.A. Times Food Bowl-sponsored discussion about what, precisely, has made Langer’s pastrami the best in the business for almost 70 years.

“None of you have ever heard of RC Provision, but every time you’ve had a good pastrami sandwich in L.A.—and not just at Langer’s—you’ve been eating his product,” Langer told onlookers at the Food Bowl’s “Pastrami Panel”, gesturing jovially at Giamela. In a long-standing meat dynasty worthy of The Godfather, Matt’s father began supplying pastrami and corned beef to Norm’s father Al Langer over three decades ago. Now, Giamela and Langer have carved out their own distinct partnership, with Giamela insisting that while RC Provision sells its wares to a host of other L.A. delis—including Art’s, Canter’s and Brent’s —the meat he supplies for Langer’s famous pastrami sandwiches is a cut above. “Navel—meat cut from the belly of the steer—is the holy grail of pastrami, and we’ve formulated a special recipe that works for Norm and for his customers,” Giamela said on Tuesday’s panel, refusing to elaborate as to what it is about the meat, specifically, that sets Langer’s apart from all other L.A. pretenders to the pastrami throne. (Apparently, an aura of mystery is the key to good pastrami.) “When fifty navels come in, maybe two of them are up to our standard, and we pay top dollar to get the best cuts,” a Langer’s spokesperson told LAist, explaining that while this picky selection model isn’t exactly cost-effective for Langer’s, it’s worth it for the sake of crafting a perfect pastrami sandwich.

Langer rhapsodized at length about his restaurant’s pastrami-prep process, describing the five-hour steaming and hand-slicing process that goes into creating perfectly tender, non-rubbery cuts of pastrami. “Does it infuriate you to see other places putting their pastrami through a buzz saw?” Gold asked at Tuesday’s panel, to which Langer retorted with perfect Borscht Belt timing: “I don’t go to other places.”

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Jonathan Gold Pastrami Panel at Langer’s May 30 at Noon

Here’s something every pastrami lover will NOT want to miss: Tuesday, May 30, 2017, at noon, Langer’s Delicatessen hosts an LA Times Food Bowl panel discussion at the deli with Pulitzer Prize-winning food columnist Jonathan Gold of the Los Angeles Times, along with Norm Langer and Matt Giamela of RC Provision, covering everything about pastrami: its history, how it’s made, appreciation for quality, and so much more. This is a FREE ADMISSION event, first-come, first-served, with food cost at regular menu pricing. We hope to see you here!

Jewish Journal: Jonathan Gold on Langer’s Deli

From Jewish Journal and Rob Eshman comes this terrific interview with Jonathan Gold regarding his new documentary, “City of Gold.” In it he states that while his childhood was not food-oriented, there was one exception: deli.

Jonathan’s favorite, when asked by Rob? “Langer’s,” he said, to wild audience applause. “The pastrami sandwich — there should be a marble statue of it in the Civic Center mall.”

Check out the complete article, and thank you, Jonathan! – The Langers

Langer’s Named to Jonathan Gold’s 101 Best Restaurants

Langer’s Delicatessen-Restaurant is proud to have been named to Jonathan Gold’s 2015 “101 Best Restaurants” list in the Los Angeles Times (subscription required). It is a great honor to be named to Jonathan’s list, and we are thrilled to have been included. Thank you, Jonathan. – The Langers

Tablet: LA’s Top Jewish Foodie

Here’s a great profile of the great Los Angeles Times food critic Jonathan Gold from Tablet Magazine. He discusses Langer’s as they explore his food and Jewish backgrounds:

“Deli food in L.A. is great,” he noted. According to Gold, there is a hierarchy of delis in L.A. with Nate and Al’s at the top, Lenny’s, a show-bizzy place, and Junior’s for the middle class. Brent’s, says Gold, is “filled with arrivistes from the valley.”

“My favorite is still Langer’s, because it is unreconstructed deli,” he added. “All the deli owners in this country are third generation, who have decided that what people really want is chicken salad and club sandwiches.” Like many L.A. foodies, Gold prefers Langer’s pastrami with its crispy bread, and the restaurant’s tangy Reuben sandwich: “Langer’s doesn’t make any claims to be anything but a deli.”


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LA Times: Jonathan Gold’s “The Finest Food in Los Angeles for even the Thinnest Wallets”

Jonathan Gold, Pulitzer Prize-winning food critic of the Los Angeles Times, has a new article now available in which he discusses ways for food enthusiasts to enjoy the finest foods available without breaking their budgets in the process.

Best of all, Langer’s Delicatessen-Restaurant was included in his list:

Everyone knows that Langer’s serves the best pastrami sandwich in Los Angeles. Still, if you haven’t been to Langer’s in a few years, you might be surprised to see the long lines outside the delicatessen on a Saturday afternoon, supplicants waiting for their shot at the No. 19, a baroque concoction of hand-cut pastrami, Swiss cheese, coleslaw and Russian dressing on double-baked rye bread.

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Thank you so much, Jonathan, for your continued and important support of what we do here at Langer’s Deli. – The Langer Family

Langer’s Named Among Most Visited Best LA Restaurants by Jonathan Gold Readers

Langer’s Delicatessen-Restaurant is thrilled to have been voted among the most visited of the best of Jonathan Gold’s 101 Best Restaurants list.

Selected by Gold’s readers through a ballot, the most visited list is headed up by Border Grille, and is then joined by Kogi BBQ Truck, Langer’s Delicatessen and the Mozza-plex (Pizzeria and Osteria Mozza and Chi Spacca).

From Jonathan Gold:

“Everyone knows that Langer’s serves the best pastrami sandwich in Los Angeles. Guidebooks say so. National magazines say so. The MTA Red Line disgorges so many Langer’s-bound fressers that it has sometimes been called the Pastrami Express,” wrote Gold. “Distinguished chefs flirting with putting pastrami on their menus rarely do so without at least a nod to the noble deli masters of Westlake.”

We are so grateful to our customers who have supported us for 67 years here at 7th and Alvarado. And this vote only underscores their loyalty and commitment to us – just as we are committed to providing our customers with an unparalleled dining experience with the world’s best pastrami.

Thank you. – The Langers

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Jonathan Gold: 101 Best Restaurants

Langer’s Delicatessen-Restaurant is proud and honored to have been named by the Los Angeles Times food critic Jonathan Gold to his annual 101 Best Restaurants for 2014. Jonathan has been a long-time supporter of Langer’s and our world-famous hot pastrami, dating back many, many years now. We are grateful for his acknowledgement and honored by the inclusion in such a prestigious list.

From all of us at Langer’s Deli, thank you, Jonathan.

Please click here to see the complete list. 99 Things to Eat in LA Before You Die

Pulitzer Prize-winning food critic Jonathan Gold of the LA Weekly has published yet another fantastic list of must-eats, this time entitled “99 Things to Eat in LA Before You Die.” Langer’s Delicatessen-Restaurant was fortunate enough to make the list, as entry #21, “Langer’s hot pastrami.”

Click here to view the complete slideshow of Jonathan’s must-eats at

Thank you, Jonathan, for once again including us in your thoughts and writings – The Langer Family