Eater: Where to Find Heart-Stopping Heaps of Pastrami in Los Angeles, Updated

Our thanks to Farley Elliott and the great team at Eater LA for including us in their “Where to Find Heart-Stopping Heaps of Pastrami in Los Angeles, Updated” list now out. How many places have you visited? Thank you, Eater!

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LA Weekly: 99 Essential Restaurants 2017

Our thanks to LA Weekly for including Langer’s Delicatessen-Restaurant on their 2017 99 Essential Restaurants list, and thanks to Besha Rodell for her wonderful comments on our deli and pastrami. It’s a true honor!

Life is fickle. Things change. There’s not much you can count on. What can you count on? Langer’s Deli. Langer’s will never change, or at least we hope with the fiercest of hopes that it will never change. Because as citizens of L.A. we need to be able to stand in that line, we need to be seated in one of those brown vinyl booths, we need to order that pastrami sandwich and get it on that bread served by these people in this room. Since 1947, Langer’s has been delivering what many believe to be the best pastrami sandwich on Earth. Whether you go for plain pastrami on rye or the famous No. 19 with Swiss cheese, coleslaw and Russian dressing is between you and your god, but either way, Langer’s gives us all something solid to hold on to in this cruel, unpredictable world. —Besha Rodell

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Los Angeles Magazine: 100 Most Iconic Dishes in LA

Langer’s Delicatessen is proud to be named to Los Angeles Magazine‘s “100 Most Iconic Dishes in Los Angeles” list. How many have you tried?

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Urbanbias: Langer’s Delicatessen

Langer’s Delicatessen is proud to be featured as part of the launch of Urbanbias, a new food website that has launched initially in Los Angeles. Their reviews are personal and thoughtful, and they include a “what it’s like” environmental video as well! Click through, check it out, and follow them!

Eater: 32 Classic Restaurants Every Angeleno Must Try, Winter 2017

Langer’s Delicatessen-Restaurant is honored to be included in Eater LA‘s latest “32 Classic Restaurants Every Angeleno Must Try” list for Winter 2017.

“Possibly the greatest pastrami in America, Langer’s is a fantastic diner in Westlake offering everything from reubens and corned beef to Jewish deli classics like matzo ball soup and lox. Ever crowded during lunch, it’s easily the best Jewish deli in a city full of great delis.”

Thank you, Eater and Matthew Kang!

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Orbitz: The Los Angeles Subway System

A great new article by Jason Heidemann for follows the Metro subway system and identifies great landmarks around Los Angeles, including Langer’s Deli (Red/Purple Line MacArthur Park/Westlake Station). Check it out – how many places have you visited – either by Metro or on your own?

Click here to read the complete article. Lunch Break Los Angeles: East to the Beach

Our new friends at have a great new article called “Lunch Break Los Angeles: East to the Beach” that covers an amazing variety of lunch options around the greater LA area. We’re thrilled to be included. Click through and check out the list; we’ll bet there are more than a few you may never have heard of!

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Eater: 38 Essential Los Angeles Restaurants

We are honored and thrilled to be once again named to the prestigious Eater LA38 Essential LA Restaurants” list. Thank you to Matthew Kang and Farley Elliot for their support of what we do at Langer’s. It’s a a true honor to be included in this list.

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Chowyum: Langer’s Deli

The Chowyum food blog recently paid us a visit and assembled a wonderful photo essay of their experience at the deli. Click through for all their wonderful prose and even more beautiful food photography. Thank you for visiting us!

Time Out LA: Best LA Restaurants for former New Yorkers

We’re thrilled to be included in the new article “The Best Restaurants in LA for former New Yorkers” by Taylor Henriquez on Time Out Los Angeles. How many have you visited?

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KPCC: Please Explain Pastrami To Me

KPCC‘s Offramp program recently featured a segment with Norm Langer, produced by Taylor Orci. It’s a great 7 minute interview, check it out and check out all the great content from KPCC!

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New Blog by Michael G. Kaplan

We hope you’ll take a moment to check out a new blog by Michael G. Kaplan who has traveled America in search of new adventures in pastrami. His poetic use of language to describe his culinary adventures is topped only by his stunning photography of both deli dishes and the people in the communities who serve them. We think you’ll love it as much as we do. Thanks for sharing with us, Michael, and for being such a big fan of Langer’s pastrami. – The Langer Family

Click here to visit Michael’s blog.