WiseBread.com: $20 in Los Angeles: The 16 Best Ways to Spend It

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Max Wong, writing for WiseBread.com, has just published a terrific article that really outdoes the “Best of” genre in many respects, entitled, “$20 in Los Angeles: The 16 Best Ways to Spend It.” We’re honored that Max chose to include Langer’s Delicatessen-Restaurant as part of his 16 selections; just check out her great writing:

David Sax’s book, “Save the Deli,” was the shot heard round the kosher meat world when he stated that, “Brace yourself New York, because what I am about to write is definitely go to piss a lot of you off, but it needs to be said: Los Angeles has become America’s premier deli city.” At the heart of the ensuing kerfuffle was Sax’s proclamation that Langer’s Deli is home to the finest pastrami sandwich in the universe, much less the country. According to Sax, “Los Angeles is the example to the rest of the nation of how a deli can ultimately stay relevant.”

New Yorker foodies, were, of course outraged. Subsequently, everyone from Pulitzer Prize winning food critic Jonathan Gold to the James Beard Foundation have weighed in favor of Langer’s. Native New Yorker Nora Ephron, who went on record in the pages of The New Yorker that Langer’s serves the best pastrami in America, finally did a side-by-side taste-off between Langer’s and Katz’s, the iconic New York deli to quiet East Coast sore losers. Langer’s handily won the re-match.

Suck it New York.

Click here to read the entire article – it’s worth a click. Thank you, Max!

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