Smokin’ Chokin’ and Chowing with the King: Eating BIG in Los Angeles

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First time visit to me for this legendary Los Angeles deli. You know what that means?!?! The #19. Langer’s opened in 1947 so it’s been a fixture of LA pretty much forever. It’s a classic Kosher style deli that’s catered to all the stars as well as the common man in need of matzo ball soup and pastrami. Langer’s isn’t the oldest deli in town but it’s probably the most well known. The type of spot that’s been around so long it has it’s own parking lot. It’s neighborhood surroundings reflect that of the deli. It feels like a previous era. I don’t know how long the employees inside have been working there but my guess would be 20+ years for most of them. I love spots like this. When it comes to deli meats LA is first and foremost a pastrami city. That’s what I’d guess 8 out of 10 people are at Langer’s for in some form or another. I had to make my first visit the #19 since that’s their most popular sandwich. It’s their best in-show pastrami with Swiss cheese, Russian dressing, and cole slaw on rye. I thoroughly enjoyed this sandwich though next time I’ll request slaw on the side.


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Pastrami chili cheese fries at Langer's Delipastrami sandwich cut in half and garnished with a pickle