sandwiches on the counter during the lunch rush

February 13, 2017: Soon

It’s 8AM and Langer’s Delicatessen-Restaurant has just opened. But soon our deli counter will be packed with every possible variety of delicious sandwiches we offer. What’s your favorite? Come experience it today for lunch at 7th and Alvarado. Open until 4PM.

December 13, 2016: Tuesday

We’ll be making all your deli favorites today for lunch. Join us, won’t you? We’re at 7th and Alvarado, just off the Red/Purple Line at MacArthur Park / Westlake Metro Los Angeles, or park at 7th and Westlake (one block east). We even have curb service: call 213-483-8050 and we’ll bring your order right to your car!

May 26, 2015: Favorites

What’s your favorite sandwich at Langer’s Delicatessen?

September 24, 2014: Wishes

If you could have a Langer’s Delicatessen sandwich or entrée right now, what would it be? Download

August 2, 2014: Any Sandwich

If you could have any Langer’s sandwich right now, what would it be? Why not make it reality by having lunch with us today? 7th and Alvarado, park one block east or Metro Red/Purple Line, Westlake/MacArthur Park station. Open ’til 4PM. Download

July 26, 2014: Saturday

That moment when the Langer’s pastrami sandwich awaits delivery to you. Saturday at Langer’s Deli: 7th and Alvarado. Download

June 5, 2014: What Would It Be?

If you could have any Langer’s sandwich right now, what would it be? Download

May 9, 2014: Pastrami for All

Hot pastrami sandwiches! Come to Langer’s Deli for lunch – open 8AM-4PM Monday-Saturday. Park one block east at Westlake or Metro Westlake Station. Download

From the Archive: 1927

From our archives: we discover a photo of Langer’s Deli’s location way back in 1927. Check out our neighborhood back in the Roaring Twenties right here.

February 7, 2014: Yours

Which sandwich is yours? Come to Langer’s for lunch today – 7th and Alvarado. See you soon! Download